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A clogged inkjet printer can really ruin your day. You can't print until you clean the clog. You can't get production out, even if you just need one print.

Sometimes a clog will clear up with one or two head cleanings. Sometimes it won't clear up at all.

If you manage to unclog your printer, what's to stop it from getting clogged again?

Whether you unclog the printer, or pay a technician to replace printheads, or buy a new printer, you'll want to know why clogs happen and how to prevent them from happening again.

The nozzles of InkJet printers, smaller than a human hair, stay filled with ink, ready to print. If no printing is done, that ink dries up and clogs the head. InkJets work great, if they are used regularly. But if you don’t give them work to do, they get into trouble.

Harvey Head Cleaner is a utility program which schedules small print jobs, putting a minimum of ink through all nozzles. Harvey works in the background, keeping your printers ready to use, without your having to perform nozzle checks and head cleanings just to make a print.

Harvey Head Cleaner DOESN'T unclog printers..

(If you have a clogged printer right now, email with the specifics of your printer model and what you've done so far to try to clear the clog, we'll make some suggestions.)

Harvey Head Cleaner PREVENTS inkjets from getting clogged in the first place.

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Harvey Head Cleaner is a utility program designed to prevent clogged heads in inkjet printers.

It reduces the need for wasteful head cleanings, keeps the printer ready to print and extends the printer's life.

Harvey Head Cleaner has been keeping inkjet printers running right since it was introduced in the spring of 2006.

Harvey Head Cleaner is being used by people who depend on their inkjet printers, all over the world. Photographers, printers, awards companies, sign companies, small businesses and others who have invested in good printers.

Currently Harvey Head Cleaner is only Windows-based, for use with computers using Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10. We'll soon be resuming our quest for a Mac-friendly Harvey Head Cleaner, and we're accepting email addresses of people who's like to be notified when one is ready for testing.

There are three versions of Harvey Head Cleaner for Epson printers, one version for all other desktop inkjet printers, and one version for most large format printers.

For a full explanation of which version is recommended for your printers, please go to Supported printers.

We completely guarantee that you'll love Harvey.




 "I am using Harvey Head Cleaner Version II with my Epson R1800 and am saving a lot of money. Ink is expensive and every Epson maintenance cleaning cycle wastes a lot of ink.  I use a Continuous Ink System (CIS) and buy ink in bulk. A 4 oz bottle of ink is $18 which equates to $576/gal. Epson ink cartridges (14ml) are $14.99 at Staples which equals $4,053.00/gal.  I have felt that every Epson head cleaning episode is like putting a lighted match to a $20 dollar bill. It is also why I consider the payback on the Harvey program to be just about instantaneous because now Epson cleaning cycles are rare."
- John in Mystic, CT