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Harvey Head Cleaner is a utility program designed to prevent clogged heads in inkjet printers.

It reduces the need for wasteful head cleanings, keeps the printer ready to print and extends the printer's life. Harvey helps to prevent inkjet head clogging.

Harvey Head Cleaner is currently only available for Windows.


why inkjets clog

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The nozzles of InkJet printers, smaller than a human hair, stay filled with ink, ready to print. If no printing is done, that ink dries up and clogs the head.

InkJets work great, if they are used regularly. But if you don’t give them work to do, they get into trouble.Harvey Head Cleaner schedules small print jobs, putting a minimum of ink through all nozzles.

Harvey works in the background, keeping your printers ready to use, without your having to perform nozzle checks and head cleanings just to make a print.

Harvey Head Cleaner DOESN'T unclog printers..

Harvey Head Cleaner PREVENTS inkjets from getting clogged in the first place.

If your printer is already clogged we may be able to help. Send an email to and include the printer make and model and what remedies you've already tried.