"I've been using Harvey Head Cleaner for almost two months now with my Epson Sylus Photo R 320, and I am very happy with it. I've only had to do one head cleaning and I feel confident that the printer will work properly when I want it to. I have recommended Harvey Head Cleaner to several of my friends.

- Matt S. - Los Angeles, CA..............

"As a professional photographer using both the Epson 4800 and Epson 9800 I have found the program Harvey Head Cleaner an indispensable tool in maintaining clear print heads on both my printers. With the Epson Printers you maintain properly operating printers if you print from them on a regular basis. If you go for a few days without printing you really increase the chance of clogged print heads, this can be really time consuming & costly if you have to do extensive cleaning or worse yet a ruined print head.

Since I started using HHC I have really reduced problems with the print heads on these printers. I have them set for HHC to test print to them early every morning. If on the rare occassion they show a problem I then run the regular Epson print test & clean if neccessary. Harvey Head Cleaner has greatly reduced my problems with my Epson Printers."

Jerry Schrock
J Schrock Photography


How to Use Harvey Head Cleaner

When you start up Harvey for the first time, the scheduling box will have no printers and no tasks listed. Click on "Add Task" .panel

Select one printer at a time to schedule. After one printer is scheduled you can click "Print Now" to watch Harvey work.

editing hhc
After selecting the printer, select daily or weekly. Weekly can include any combination of days, to be repeated every week, such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Repeat this scheduling for each printer which that version of Harvey will support.

scheduling hhc

When the scheduling is set up the way you'd like, just close this screen (red X in upper right) and Harvey will work in the background.

Scheduling Suggestions
Type of Ink Air conditioning always, no variations in heat and humidity Mild variations in heat and humidity. Mostly under A/C Full days without climate control, extremes of heat and humidity
ChromaBlast Daily Daily Daily
Sublimation Twice weekly Three times weekly Daily
Archival/Arts Weekly Twice weekly Daily
OEM Weekly Weekly Three times weekly