harvey head cleaner

|"The computer where I had Harvey died suddenly and I had to replace it with a 64-bit Vista computer. Your customer service and tech support was probably the best service I've ever had. Thanks, Fred"

-- Larry R.,
Greeley CO.

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Technical Support

We are currently distributing HHC V 12.8 which works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10, in both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. If you purchased an earlier HHC which does not work with your new system, please email us at support@harveyheadcleaner.com and we will send you a no-charge download. Please include your serial number or transaction ID so we can verify your earlier purchase.

Tech support for Harvey Head Cleaner is available by e-mail at support@harveyheadcleaner.com. We always respond within one business day.

In your email please include the Harvey Head Cleaner transaction ID, the version of Harvey being run, the operating system of the computer it's on, and the nature of the difficulty, including any error messages.

We prefer to assist by email whenever possible as we find it to be more accurate and effective.

We are always happy to help.



Printer connections - Networked printers aren't a problem, so long as Harvey can access the printer at the scheduled time. If the printer is connected directly to another computer which is turned off, Harvey may not be able to print to that printer. Similarly, Harvey cannot switch an A-B Box if one is on the route to the printer.

Some USB Hubs seem to dilute the signal and will prevent Harvey from awakening a sleeping printer. If Harvey fails to awaken a sleeping printer, try connecting the printer directly to the computer instead of to a hub.

Windows 7 and Windows 10 like to get permissions for everything. If you encounter installation problems, ensure that you're logged in as systems administrator.

License Key difficulties - if you get an error message after attempting to enter a license key, please take note if it's a Harvey Head Cleaner message or a Windows message. HHC messages have an image of Harvey, our rabbit mascot. Windows messages do not.

Sometimes Windows 7 objects to entering a license key. Usually, ensuring you're logged in as system admin handles this.